1. juni 2019 kl. 20:00 – 2. juni 2019 kl. 2:00
WoM presents: Sensualize #1

WoM is Copenhagen’s newly founded event bureau. WoM is short for word of mouth and at WoM we seek to create events worth talking about, events worth sharing, and events that have a genuine impact.

Sensualize #1 is the first event in a series of events made to impact the human senses.
Made to impact your senses.


At WoM we believe that culture has vast potential to deliver these sensual experiences.
Music, arts, gastronomy.
All fused together to form a new kind of cultural event.
An event, not characterized by genre, not characterized
by definitions.
There is only the individual perception.

The program for the evening will be presented continuously.

21:00: Bjarke Kirk

// WHEN //
The 1st of June

// WHERE //
Onkel Dannys Plads 7
1711 Copenhagen

// HOW //
Tickets: 85 kr.

Bjarke Kirk:

Bjarke Kirk has played a large number of concerts after the release of his debut album “Lever hvor vi bor” with Bjarke Kirk & Kujonerne. He is currently working on the final recordings on a seven-number long release that is expected to be released in the autumn of 2019. For the concert at Råhuset, he will play a mix of old songs and songs from the forthcoming release.

With great originality and personality, the songwriter Bjarke Kirk invites us inside his expressionist universe consisting of inner demons, the lack of struggle for love and the harvested childhood memories. Bjarke Kirk has been compared to Peter Sommer and Allan Olsen, but most of all Bjarke Kirk is his own when he opens up his very own universe: Bjarke Kirk plays Folk / Americana in the Danish language with a twist of Thy.

After almost two years in Copenhagen, Bjarke Kirk has returned to his northern Jutland roots and is now living in Aalborg. Copenhagen has, however, given him a great live experience, which he is now ready to share at the WoM concert.

Behind the solo project ILMA, we find the 20-year-old Ilma Haskovic, who makes electronic pop music and is her own producer and songwriter. ILMA with her captivating voice and lyrics, is inspired by everything from Rest In Beats to FKA Twigs, which will certainly be expressed in her concerts. After her single release “14 hours”, she spent time with various smaller collaborations with other producers and artists, and stayed away from the concert stage, to challenge and refine her abilities as a songwriter and producer. You can expect a concert depicting a reflective and emotional universe that ILMA is thoughtfully trying to develop and find new aspects in.
ILMA has also joined the Thy Music Collective‘s board, where she helps to steer the direction of the prominent collective from Thy. At the same time, she has been a part of Future Sound and Beats by Girlz DenmarkDenmark, so we can expect a set with a lot of new and exciting material.