14. oktober 2019 kl. 20:00 – 23:30
50,- kr.
Stained Blood / Necrosis / Arsenic Addict

After 2 years of silence it is time to push the veil aside. Stained Blood has landed a new album this year and is touring Europe. In Copenhagen Necrosis and Arsenic Addict will acompany this nocturnal rite.

Stained Blood (Blackend death metal)
Founded in Barcelona in 2006, the Catalans have since released three LP and two EP. Not resting on their laurels the released a new album ‘Nyctosphere’ March 2019 which achieved great reviews. With their relentless pounding and no nonsens pummeling, they still allow their listeners to breathe with their occasional slow riffing

Necrosis (Death metal)
With inspiration from the 90’s death metal and the modern brutal death metal the band, that hails from Copenhagen, Denmark, delivers impactful composition done in a neckbreaking tempo. The sound is just as uncompromising as it is unmerciful.
Their full length debut ‘Mythogenesis’ was released in 2017.

Arsenic Addict (Death metal)
This murderous death metal band hails from Odense, Denmark, inspired by the darkest insanity lurking in the minds of man. Fleshy riffs invite to bloodshed and thunderous blastbeats explode frail skulls while ominous melodic passages tightens the grip around the neck and won’t let go before it’s too late. The gory tales of molestation and decaying corpses delivered in aggressive growl complete the soundtrack for your next killing.
This year Arsenic Addict was selected for the Wacken Metal Battle Denmark and released their full-length debut album ‘Deviant Perception of Death’

Entrance: 50,- dkk
Doors open 20:00 / Concert start 20:30