29. september 2019 kl. 14:30 – 17:00
Nordic / Baltic Songwriters Concert

NBSS (Nordic Baltic Singer Songwriters) presents a unique concert event featuring four artists from four Baltic Countries presenting songs in their native languages.

Ida Gard (DK) It doesn’t happen too often that a young musician refuses to accept an offer from a major label. However this was exactly what Ida Gard decided to do at the very beginning of her career. Instead she took the long road, founded her own label “Oh My Gard!” and released her music independently.
Info: http://idagardmusic.com/about/

Silver Sepp (EE) Silver finds most of his songs and tunes in the imaginative instruments he has created himself. He has reinvented the bicycle wheel and has given all sorts of everyday clutter new resonance. In concert he transforms the bicycle wheel into a percussion as well as melodic instrument in its own right.

Mirja Klippel (FI) Mirja Klippel is an award-winning Finnish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Copenhagen. She paints musical and poetic landscapes that have spellbound reviewers and audiences around Europe.
Info: https://www.mirjaklippel.com/

Annika Fehling (SE) Annika Fehling is a performing and recording Swedish singer-songwriter living in Visby, capital city of the magical island GOTLAND.
Touring internationally, Annika continues to build an enthusiastic following around the world with her exhuberant guitar style and heartfelt songs sung in a voice both passionate and tender. Regular appearances on TV and Radio, in Sweden and Europe, reflect Annikas success and standing.
With roots in Americana/folk/pop Annika writes music for herself, other artists, as well as theater and art exhibitions. She tours in Germany, UK, Ireland, NL, USA, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia.
Info: http://www.annikafehling.com/

English translations of all presented songs will be made available at the show and a video artist will also project original art creations inspired by the songs during the performances. The show is part of a series produced by Juhani Jaeger, Brett Perkins and Annika Fehling with support from Nordisk Kulturfond and is presented at Råhuset in collaboration with the Cph Listening Room.
Entrance: 50 kr