6. december 2019 kl. 20:00 – 23:59
Broken Index: Sudakistan (swe) + Pacific Swell

Entrance: 60 kr.

Hey y’all,
So here’s the surprise.
Probably, the biggest booking as of yet and really happy about this night. It’s only going to be two bands for this night. It’s in December, it’s going to be cold shit weather but an amazing show. Come groove and mosh. If you want to experience a #burgerrecords kind of night, it will be this kind of night.

I’d say the lineup is very similar to the soundscape of LA’s music scene. The perfect paring of sounds, and hopefully they can work together in future projects.

The multi-lingual and multi-cultural psych-garage band is here.
The trio hails from South America and latin musical influences are a key part of their sound, particularly in terms of rhythm and groove. In other words, danceable music. 🕺🏻💃🏼

I personally came across them by Spotifying music from Sweden, and was caught off guard with the congas and Spanish lyrics. I had to do a double check if Spotifying jumped-shipped with its algorithm. Nope. Coming from LA, the sounds of congas and Spanish in a musical context of garage/psych rock was something I became accustomed to, but did not expect it here in Scandinavia.

“The band name comes from a nick name for South Americans, ‘Sudaka’, and Carlos speaks of Sudakistan in a beautiful way, as an imaginative country where everyone is welcome.” – The Forumist (2016)

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/32BdKGr
YouTube – https://youtu.be/rUv8YG9LFl4
Bandcamp – https://sudakistan.bandcamp.com

🏝Pacific Swell
When I heard Pacific Swell live, they were headlining a small gig. They wore colorful wigs, eccentric to Danish standards, but the crowd wasn’t what I expected. The gig was in a Kulturhuset in Islands Brygge, the audience didn’t fit the music. I didn’t care, the band’s music put me back home in California at a backyard show where the neighbors probably hated you but you didn’t care because fuck them. A house-show that is traditionally be shutdown when the cops arrive. That is the memory that Pacific Swell taps into me.
They reminded me of all the great bands from LA. Those Beach-punks, smoking pot on beaches and barbecuing in a fire pit, also loads of drinks. They musically embody that lifestyle. The jingle-jangly guitars and raspy smoked-out vocals with rhythms that can get you in a continuously groove and lose it.
Pacific Swell was formed by Nicklas Sørensen (drums), Adam Peleg (vocals / guitar), Emil Ø Nielsen (guitar) and Daniel Brodersen (bass) in Grenaa in the winter of 2014.

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/32zKm3z
YouTube – https://youtu.be/cbnbwod_cVk
Bandcamp – https://pacificswell.bandcamp.com

See you there!!